[mythtv] Slow keyboard annoyance

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Sun Feb 26 22:35:15 UTC 2006

Lorenz Hahn wrote:
> Isaac Richards wrote:
>> On Sunday 26 February 2006 11:30, Lorenz Hahn wrote:
>>> - It took 97 seconds and 100% CPU to iterate over 158 Recordings in "All
>>>  Programs". If it's a graphic-card issue, why is the CPU at 100%?
>>>  Shouldn't this be waiting for some DMA or other IO without CPU-usage?
>> Because the X server (not myth) is falling back on completely unaccelerated 
>> code to do the drawing.  None of the graphics drawing code is in myth.
> Hi,
> supposing there is no way to keep the X server from falling back to
> unaccelerated code: why are the mythtv menues the only affected ones?
> Even if the drawing code runs incredible long. Why does it affect the
> processing of keystrokes? Let's say it's the X server. Again, I can't
> reproduce this "bounce effect" in any other application.

I'm not sure if you are aware, but you are mailing the -developers mailing list.

Since you're here and appear to be one of only two people that care about this 
issue, I would suggest that you read up on oprofile and find where the problem 
is - Myth code, QT, X11 or the driver for your card are all possibilities.

You'll have to recompile all of the above with symbols then run an oprofile 
enabled kernel to track down the processor usage.



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