[mythtv] Slow keyboard annoyance

Lorenz Hahn lorenz at gesindel.org
Sun Feb 26 16:30:56 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean schrieb:
> I'm guessing that "no way out" means it's not a usable solution.  

You're guessing right.

> If so, I'd agree (and say that a new graphics card is the solution).

No. Eye candy in menues is no reason to buy hardware for me.

>>Is there a 'minimalistic theme' regarding alpha-blending demands?
>>Is there a way to complete omit any eye-candy? I don't know any reason,
>>why one shoud by a new graphic card to debounce a keyboard.
> You can change:
> Guide Shading Method
>     * Alpha - Transparent (CPU Usage - High)
>     * Blender - Transparent (CPU Usage - Middle)
>     * Eco - Transparent (CPU Usage - Low)
was already set.
>     * Solid (CPU Usage - Middle
> and
> CPU friendly preview of recordings
> When enabled, recording previews will play with reduced FPS to save CPU.

was already set.
> and
> Use Transparent Boxes
> If enabled, the Watch Recording and Delete Recording screens will use 
> transparency. Disable if selecting the recordings is slow due to high 
> CPU usage.
ok, done.
> But it probably still won't help enough for that card/driver combo.

Not sure. At first, it looked good, navigated around and couldn't
reproduce the "bounce effect". Then I've started a recording playback
and exited it. The "bounce effect" reappeared.

- A "fast" card is a workaround to the "bounce effect"
- The lack of a fast card is not the cause, otherwise the "bounce
  effect" would not be able to disappear.
- The sum of "high load" and something like a race condition causes
  the odd behaviour.
- If a 1,8 GHz CPU has high load because one is navigating through a
  menu. There may be the possibility of a optimization.
- It took 97 seconds and 100% CPU to iterate over 158 Recordings in "All
  Programs". If it's a graphic-card issue, why is the CPU at 100%?
  Shouldn't this be waiting for some DMA or other IO without CPU-usage?

just my 2 cent ...


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