[mythtv] Slow keyboard annoyance

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Sun Feb 26 08:57:06 UTC 2006

On Sunday 26 February 2006 03:22, Lorenz Hahn wrote:
> Hi,
> <crouch
>  location="behind my desk"
>  reason="fear of sharp, edgy artefacts, accelerating out of my screen"
> 	I've got a problem with mythfrontend's response to keystrokes.
> </crouch>
> I'm running mythtv on three hosts, one of them acts as backend-server,
> has a raid array and the dvb-t cards. Using the frontend on the
> backend-server requires patience: 50% of keystrokes are executed twice
> and every response takes at least a second.
> Graphic card: nVidia Riva TNT, no proprietary driver.
> CPU: Amd Athlon 1800 MHz
> RAM: 1GB
> (just mentioned that, because I don't think that hardware is an issue)
> The two remote hosts don't show this behavior right now (SVN 8942), but
> I've seen it there with older versions, too.

I'd think probably the graphics card.  The UI is heavy on the alpha-blending.  
Try running X or the frontend at a lower res.  Could try a different theme as 
well.  Might also try the nvidia driver.


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