[mythtv] Slow keyboard annoyance

Lorenz Hahn lorenz at gesindel.org
Sun Feb 26 08:22:04 UTC 2006


 location="behind my desk"
 reason="fear of sharp, edgy artefacts, accelerating out of my screen"
	I've got a problem with mythfrontend's response to keystrokes.

I'm running mythtv on three hosts, one of them acts as backend-server,
has a raid array and the dvb-t cards. Using the frontend on the
backend-server requires patience: 50% of keystrokes are executed twice
and every response takes at least a second.

Graphic card: nVidia Riva TNT, no proprietary driver.
CPU: Amd Athlon 1800 MHz
(just mentioned that, because I don't think that hardware is an issue)

The two remote hosts don't show this behavior right now (SVN 8942), but
I've seen it there with older versions, too.

Any hint, which screw to drive?


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