[mythtv] Debugging mythfrontend

N.E.Whiteford N.E.Whiteford at soton.ac.uk
Sat Feb 25 03:40:29 UTC 2006


I'm trying to get some debugging information together for a problem I'm
having with mythfrontend (UI unresponsive after I change channels a
couple of times). I'm trying to get some information out of gdb. However
when I run mythfrontend from gdb, the computer thrashes a lot and
eventually mythbackend gets killed (before I get a chance to change the
channel). I'm assuming this is happening because all available memory is
being used up and linux has to kill something. I've tried running
mythfrontend normally and then attaching gdb, but then mythfrontend gets
killed as well.

Does anyone have and advice? My system has 256Mb of memory, is this just
not enough? I've ever debugged a project of this scale before.



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