[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1104: multi channel audio support

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Mon Feb 20 20:34:49 UTC 2006

in audiooutputasla.cpp line 88
buffer_time = 100000;
change 100000 to say 200000 or even 500000
I changed this to .1 sec due to a pause anomaly but maybe this was too 
let me know if it helps. otherwise you will need to provide some logs with
-v playback,audio,timestamp for a short playback.


> your patch is making my sound choppy :(
> I use ALSA:plug:surround51:0 as output-device. After applying your Patch 
> my
> old and new recordings are becomming choppy. When i remove it, everythings 
> is
> fine again. Videofiles (avi, mpeg...) are working fine.
> I use lastest svn.
> Do you know what I'm doing wrong, or do you need some logs or more infos 
> to
> evaluate the bug?
> Thanks for your work.

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