[mythtv] DVD nav keybinding

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Feb 19 08:38:17 UTC 2006

   I just went to try out the new DVD navigation stuff.  I found a  
problem with keybinding, and I'm not sure if I can fix it with  
configuration, or whether something needs to change in Myth...

   I'll describe my current setup.  I imagine it is a reasonably  
common setup, if not exactly the same as others.  The point of this  
mail is more general than my setup though.

   A picture of my remote is here: http://www.daumpc.co.kr/var/ 

   But the basic issue is that there are 5 main buttons in the middle  
of the remote:

             Ch ^

Vol v    Play/Pause    Vol ^

             Ch v

I have ChanUp, ChanDn, VolUp, VolDn mapped to the four arrow keys,  
and Play/Pause to select.  I then have my myth keybindings set up so  
that in places where I need to move around (main menus, epg, etc.) I  
get to move around.  The keybindings are overloaded however so that  
during playback, VolUp and VolDn actually control the volume (ffwd  
and rwnd are two separate buttons used to skip).

During DVD navigation this causes problems.  ChanUp and ChanDn worked  
ok to move me up and down.  VolUp and VolDn controlled the volume,  
rather than moving left and right.  The worst bit is that I'm not  
even sure if VolUp and VolDn should control the volume or the cursor. :/

Oh, and I think Play/Pause should select rather than pause during DVD  
nav - that one is easier, but still not 100% certain.  At the moment  
it seems to do neither, but that may be because I previously tried to  
skip forward during the DVD intro and that left things unstable.

The only solution I could come up with would be to map the numbers  
onto cursor control during DVD navigation.  I'm not going to be  
changing channels while watching a DVD. :)  At the moment they seem  
to enter into a buffer like LiveTV, but then do nothing.

So, back to the more general discussion:

   Is keybinding going to be revisited in the mythical myth UI  
update?  ;)
   It would be nice to be able to specify what keys do based on  
context.  This is already somewhat possible.  But which binding takes  
priority in a conflict is hard-wired.  Any thoughts on making this  
     The current design of having multiple contexts that overlap is  
nice.  I don't want to have to specify that ChanUp and ChanDn are  
arrow keys in every location where I move around.

Sigh, It looks like a non-trival problem to fix well.  And I don't  
have time to worry about it right now.  So I'll quit jabbering at y'all.

Be well,

Will         :-}

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