[mythtv] MythWeb Paged TV Listings

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Feb 17 19:50:23 UTC 2006

> No, in my case it's the db query.. The query gets logged by mysql as a slow
> query. It often takes > 5 minutes between the DB and httpd before it starts
> spooling any data to the web browser, in my case.

Ok, then there's definitely something wrong with your setup, or you have 
a horribly slow machine.  I think the query takes like 2 seconds on my 
p4, and it's hardly fast by today's standards.  Or maybe you really just 
have that many channels.  I'll reexamine the query at some point and see 
if maybe it's something that can be fixed with an additional index or two.

> I agree I would much rather have all channels in a single page as well but
> if you have more than one TV provider configured you have so many channels
> that using a single page is painful.

Thus my suggestion of limiting to user-selected groups of channels 
instead of an arbitrary N per page.  I only look at 20-30 channels on a 
regular basis, and they're often spread way out in the list.  I'd much 
rather go to a page and get just those channels, instead of having to go 
to one page for the first few, and another for the rest.  It's also a 
lot easier to filter based on a favorites group than it would be to 
limit to groups of N.


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