[mythtv] "ivtv driver has stopped responding"

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Sat Feb 11 02:41:56 UTC 2006

Quoting George Nassas <gnassas at mac.com>:

> On 9-Feb-06, at 4:47 PM, Derek Battams wrote:
>> It sounds like your recordings don't ever start, is that correct?
>> For me, recordings start, but in the middle of the recording it stops
>> and
>> then my log fills with the 'select timeout' error until the scheduled
>> end of the recording.
>> Whatever was recorded up until the error is saved and I can watch the
>> partial recording.  The error is produced by the select() call on line
>> 475 of libs/libmythtv/mpegrecorder.cpp returning 0, which signals a
>> timeout.
> I figured this one out, at least on my system. My troubles started when
> I changed my recording profiles to use mpeg-ts instead of mpeg-ps.
> Switching it back restored my ability to record. It's puzzling why that
> should be since the list consensus seems to be that TS is the way to go
> and PS is nothing but trouble. But, you can't argue with success.
> To answer your question, yes, my recordings never started. I added some
> logging to myth and enabled the ones in ivtv (using ivtvctl
> --set-debug=31) and watched the recording setup sequence which looked
> fine up until the ivtv ioctl to enable encoding. After that there was a
> refresh_input logged from ivtv and then silence. So, it looks like that
> select message is just reporting the facts. Oh, I tried something like
> that fix you suggested, resetting the recorder, but it didn't help. I
> copied the code from a little after the select where the device is
> closed and reopened and reread but all the resetting in the world
> didn't help.
> Guess I'm lucky that I missed changing the recording profile for live
> tv, all the other ones were set to ts and they failed but live tv kept
> working. Without that I would have been screwed. On the other hand I
> did go on a wild goose chase thinking the issue was some obscure logic
> error in how myth does scheduled recordings vs live tv rather than a
> driver issue.
> Anyway, my advice to to look at what sort of mpeg your recording
> profile is set to and possibly change it.

Unfortunately, all my profiles were already set to PS and I still 
haven't had a reoccurence since I added my attempted fix.  Of course, I 
can also say I haven't had a reoccurence since I upgraded to SVN 8906 
so perhaps that's the reason (fingers crossed)?  I'll continue to 
monitor this.

Thanks for the suggestions,


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