[mythtv] Duplicate check error, not yet broadcasted shows marked as already recorded

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Feb 8 08:04:22 UTC 2006

Rickard Borgmäster wrote:
> Something is wrong with the duplicate checker here. 1st episode of the 
> new season "Floor filler" was broadcasted today. It recorded fine, but 
> for some reason MythTV thinks that it has already recorded the rest of 
> the season aswell. While it would be really fantastic if that was true, 
> it's obvious that's not the case.
> Duplicate check method is set to "Subtitle and description". Further, 

The method doesn't matter here because the programid is not blank.
Programid's are used if present, else it checks subtitle and/or

> you can see in the upcoming shows list:
> http://doktorn.sub.nu/blandat/showings.png

Notice near the bottom of this screenshot "Program ID: EP1922". Unless
there have never been as many as 2000 different TV program episodes
in the history of your country, this is not enough digits to uniquely
identify a specific show. This programid is not from zap2it which would
have "EP" six characters for the series and four digits for an episode.
If there was any show from any series with "EP1922" in oldrecorded, it
may match as a dup. However, based on your saying that all episodes are
marked as previously recorded, my guess would be that likely all episodes
of "Floor Filler" are also marked "EP1922" or something like that.
"Original Airdate" is a year rather than a date so that's wrong and
"Type: (1922)" is obviously wrong.

> ...that neither subtitle nor description is identical between the 
> showings. Thus, there must be something else triggering a "false 
> positive" here.

These aren't checked because there are programids.

> I just upgraded to latest SVN. Until now, I've been running some SVN 
> synced just the last days of 2005. Is this a bug in the scheduler 


> somewhere or is it maybe faulty EPG data?


--  bjm

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