[mythtv] Deb builds from SVN?

Luke A. Olbrish luke at gehennom.net
Wed Feb 8 03:49:23 UTC 2006

"Robert LeBlanc" <robert at leblancnet.us> writes:

> Alioth is kind of like the stepping stone to getting a package into the
> Debian mainstream. 

I'm not certain if this is the main goal of Debian users looking for
an effort to package the svn mythtv... I think Debian users want to be
able to download the latest from svn, copy a debian directory into the
svn source, and build a package.  Debian mainstream would be great,
but Debian has strict rules that could rip out much from the codebase
and is bogged down in bureaucracy.  This also doesn't really fix the
desire to create builds from svn.

> You can do without having space on alioth, but it
> offers great advantages if you do. I'm sure Matt is getting tired of
> answering questions regarding MythTv. I contacted him a few days after
> he moved his apt source. A week or so later he put up a disclaimer on
> his http deb site saying that he would not maintain it any longer. I
> would love to work on the package, but I really need to graduate college
> this semester so I can get on with the rest of my life, otherwise I
> would put more energy into it. 

I think we should organize the people interested in svn myth and ask
if we can perhaps place a debian directory into contrib.  Really I
thought it might be nice to have contrib/dist/debian to allow other
distributions to also host their settings in contrib without offending
the mainline developers.

Neil gave me a modded debian directory for svn based of the marillat
files ("Debian directories for SVN releases" see mythtv-users from a
week or so ago).  sadly though, I've been working on other things and
havn't tried it yet.  I think there is interest out

Luke Anthony Olbrish
<luke at gehennom.net>

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