[mythtv] Scheduler problems - "This program does not match current program listings" - And more...

Martin Møller martin at martinm-76.dk
Mon Feb 6 20:51:50 UTC 2006

Mandag 06 februar 2006 21:23 skrev Rickard Borgmäster:
> Hello,
> Lately I've been experincing some oddities with scheduled recordings.
> The last one I just discovered, I've never seen this message before.
> I want to record tonights episode of "Drickbart", so set up a single
> record. Seemed fine. But then I went to upcoming recordings, and see this:
> http://doktorn.sub.nu/blandat/drickbart.png
> As you can see, the recording was not assigned to a tuner, and at the
> bottom a message appears:
> "This program does not match current program listings"
Have you by any chance updated your XMLTV schedule after marking the program 
for recording? If the starttime of said program has changed, you get this 
result with 'just this recording'.


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