[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1219: LiveTV takes a while to start, and video jerks forwards

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Mon Feb 6 08:08:39 UTC 2006

> Could have fooled me.  Not one person did anything meaningful to fix the 
> majority of the live-tv switch problem other than Daniel.  He added some 
> extra debugging in a few places - from that, it became apparent what the 
> problem was.

That is because Daniel was the only person except from you that was familiar
enough with Myth to know the right placement of the added debugging.

> Look at #942, and count the various attachments and badly pasted in runs.  Not 
> a single one of them helped fix the issue.  All they did was illustrate that 
> the problem did exist.

Yes, of course, but it also illustrated that the problem wasn't just
someone's flaky hardware but a real bug.

> Getting logs are only the first step.  How is it a 'brush off' to request them 
> if they weren't provided, or any other necessary information?

Exactly, it is the first step. Doesn't mean that you stop debugging at that
time, only that you want to report the problem. There might be someone
out there that know exactly what the problem is and you can spend your
time on something else. It is (or could be) a dialogue.

Now you made it sound like you doesn't even want the report?

> I'd rather have people at least _try_ to use their brain when reporting a 
> problem.  I used to be able to get better information out of people using the 
> development version, at least most of the time.

That is a good goal, you just might tell them in a nicer way, for example
as above otherwise you will just turn away the ones that could help,
their/our ego is as big as yours, you know.

> For your problem - you have a relatively small range of revisions in which 
> channel changes got slower, no?  And in that range, the amount of code 
> changes is _tiny_.  How hard do you think it would be to find out exactly 
> what change, and what part of that change, caused it to do that?  Don't you 
> think that would be ever so slightly more useful to me than just running the 
> program and pasting the logs?  Sure, it'd take a little effort on your part, 
> but it would get the problem fixed.  Ah well, I suppose that's just wishful 
> thinking.

That is exactly my plan after first getting the logs. Just have to make some
commercial programming first, and a 3 day business trip.
So your wish came true ;-)


PS!  Stutty, no apology needed for hijacking my thread, wasn't even mine from
the beginninig, but came from commit, but thanks anyway.

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