[mythtv] Ticket # 1043: Internal DVD Menu Support

Simon Levitt maillists at whattf.com
Thu Feb 2 14:59:56 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 13:33, stanley kamithi wrote:
> Still working on it.
Firstly, can I say thank you for your efforts to date.

I'm on the brink of ditching Xine for DVD playback for the consistancy in 
interface this will give to the Myth system I'm in the process of building.

The patches on the whole are working well... (Patch 3 installed)

I have a couple of issues that I can attempt to give more information on if 
required (current system not compiled with debug, but prepared to do so if 
you think it will help). 

I've experimented with a couple of DVDs just to see how things work (don't 
read too much about my DVD collection from the choices!).

1) Swordfish: Plays fine, however doesn't even appear to attempt to use the 
main DVD menu (Selecting the option from the menu during playback basically 
resumes where it left off) - Any debug info/option I can use to help diagnose 

2) Men In Black II: Menu displayed fine, however using Scene selection isn't 
so fruitful; pressing up on one of the scene selection pages causes a 
frontend crash in DisplayDVDButton; SEGV I believe (left and right through 
the pages works Ok!).

I have also experienced a frontend crash navigating through the chapters.



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