[mythtv] Ticket # 1043: Internal DVD Menu Support

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Wed Feb 1 13:54:54 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 01 Feb 2006 13:33, stanley kamithi wrote:
> A/V sync issue is still unresolved. The workaround, by bypassing the
> wraptimecode, works for most DVDs. But not for all. I was watching star
> trek last night and I got the following error in one of the menus.
> "2006-02-01 08:19:56.728 NVP::AddAudioData():p1: Audio buffer overflow,
> audio data lost!"
> CPU spikes cause this message is outputted lots of times a second.

Yep, I finally saw this problem when using the patch on my slowest frontend. 
Slower machines or machines under high loaf don't cope so well.
Stuart Morgan

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