[mythtv] Mythjobqueue (including commflag) packaged for MacOS X

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Wed Feb 1 22:37:37 UTC 2006

Nigel Pearson <nigel at ind.tansu.com.au> writes:

>> Incidentally, it seems to me that the right thing to do with this
>> packager is to modularize it a bit more and pull out the packaging
>> code so it can be integrated with the make system.
> 	Yes. I see your point. Maybe contrib/osx-bundler.pl ?

Sure; sounds great.

> ...
>> Ah, sorry, I'm working with someone on integrating accellent-style
>> hardware-accelerated video
> ...
>> I'm going to leave the decision about
>> whether to make it publicly available (and reveal his identity) up to
>> him.
> 	Yes, I know that you and Jeremiah are working on that.

Agh, the jig is up! ;-)

> As soon as 0.19 is out, I will start adding that (and some neat Mac
> OS X FireWire backend stuff that someone wrote :-) into SVN.

Great.  Well the Accellent stuff isn't ready for adding yet, but it's
coming along nicely.

Incidentally, I'm still seeing some really egregious inefficiency in
the frontend without the Accellent stuff.  Last night my wife's 2Ghz
G5 was dropping all kinds of frames from SD video with around 75% of
the cpu, on average, going to mythfrontend.  My expectation was that a
2Ghz G5 would be able to handle HD, so that's really shocking to me.
I plan to throw the profiler at it again.  It still seems wrong to me
that VLC is leaps and bounds ahead of myth in playback quality (at
least on the Macs I've tested).  It'd be a shame if adding Accellent
turns out to compensate for whatever is really causing playback to be
slow and we end up never uncovering it.

>> W.r.t. globalsettings, I'll try to get you a complete patch for the
>> firewire backend support that includes UI to select the cable box from
>> a combo box of connected FW devices.
> 	Hold off until after 0.19. It will be easier for you to
> keep it synchronised with SVN, 

Not that I mind waiting, but how so?

> and I don't actually have any FireWire enabled STBs to test with
> yet. (Australia doesn't mandate that our Digital TV or Cable boxes
> require that, so I am looking for a cheap Composite->FireWire box on
> eBay)

There are other testers out there.  Someone (I forget his name) has
already kindly tested the work I've done so far.  It shouldn't be
necessary for you to test it personally if you can get enough reliable
reports (?)

>> On MacOS, you need to run ranlib after moving a static library around,
>> or the linker will complain.  Theres a much cleaner hack for this
>> using qmake .pro files, see enclosed.
>> The strange thing is that in the past few weeks, my build is picking
>> up the copied versions of the myth static libs, rather than the
>> originals as is apparently intended.
> 	Yes. I have noticed that. Don't know what has changed
> to cause that. I will try the qmake fix, but you are right
> about it masking a much worse problem.


Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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