[mythtv] Mythjobqueue (including commflag) packaged for MacOS X

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Wed Feb 1 21:53:37 UTC 2006

> Incidentally, it seems to me that the right thing to do with this
> packager is to modularize it a bit more and pull out the packaging
> code so it can be integrated with the make system.

	Yes. I see your point. Maybe contrib/osx-bundler.pl ?

> Ah, sorry, I'm working with someone on integrating accellent-style
> hardware-accelerated video
> I'm going to leave the decision about
> whether to make it publicly available (and reveal his identity) up to
> him.

	Yes, I know that you and Jeremiah are working on that.
As soon as 0.19 is out, I will start adding that (and some
neat Mac OS X FireWire backend stuff that someone wrote :-)
into SVN.

> W.r.t. globalsettings, I'll try to get you a complete patch for the
> firewire backend support that includes UI to select the cable box from
> a combo box of connected FW devices.

	Hold off until after 0.19. It will be easier for you to
keep it synchronised with SVN, and I don't actually have any
FireWire enabled STBs to test with yet. (Australia doesn't
mandate that our Digital TV or Cable boxes require that,
so I am looking for a cheap Composite->FireWire box on eBay)

> On MacOS, you need to run ranlib after moving a static library around,
> or the linker will complain.  Theres a much cleaner hack for this
> using qmake .pro files, see enclosed.
> The strange thing is that in the past few weeks, my build is picking
> up the copied versions of the myth static libs, rather than the
> originals as is apparently intended.

	Yes. I have noticed that. Don't know what has changed
to cause that. I will try the qmake fix, but you are right
about it masking a much worse problem.

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