[mythtv] Current SVN DVB-S zapping problems (diseqc?)

Yeasah Pell yeasah at schwide.com
Mon Aug 28 19:15:43 UTC 2006

> [card1]------|---------------|
> [card2]------| 8 ports in   |
>                 --| 2 ports out |----(port 1)------- [universal LNB]
>                 --| switch        |----(port 2)-------[empty]
>                 --|---------------|
> cards are connected to ports where i am _not_ able to switch if it has to use 
> 22kHz for switching low/high. These are only diseqc ports.
I see. How does this switch decide which input to route to which output 
at any given time? (Forgive me for the basic questions, I'm not familiar 
with big multi-switches like this) I don't see how it can work if both 
cards get connected to the same LNB, since the cards will both want to 
supply a specific voltage, as well as a specific tone presence (to 
control polarization and band) -- and they'll conflict if they are 
connected to the same device (unless the switch disambiguates it somehow)

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