[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2210: DVB subtitles are not enabled after exiting from the teletext view

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Mon Aug 21 20:46:40 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-08-21 at 23:13 +0300, Otto Kolsi wrote:
> > #2210: DVB subtitles are not enabled after exiting from the teletext view
> > Comment (by stuartm):
> > 
> >  otto at kolsi dot fi, can you test the attached patch. It's pretty simple
> >  and should work but as I can't test it here I just want to be sure.
> > 
> >  In particular if you have teletext subtitles in addition to dvb subtitles,
> >  could you see if anything breaks when enabling different combinations of
> >  those three? I'm might have missed something ...
> This patch fixes the problem for DVB subtitles. Unfortunately I haven't 
> used teletext subtitles before so cannot really say if those work or not 
> or even how those are supposed to work.
> Here in Finland the default OSD menu action "Toggle Teletext Captions" 
> does nothing. Maybe that's because in here teletext subtitles are not 
> sent in some default page or something..
> Then if I open Teletext Menu and enter some specific page that contains 
> teletext subtitles, those are shown as expected. But in this mode, 
> immediately if I press a key e.g. to enter the OSD menu, teletext 
> subtitles disappear. But that's maybe how it's supposed to work.. if we 
> cannot have teletext page and OSD menu on at the same time..

The "teletext subtitles" has multiple meanings, for nuv recordings
we display captions that were encoded at record time from page 888.
With DVB recordings we decode send the standard DVB teletext data
and sent it to the teletext menu decoder, and tell it to display
page 888. With PVR-x50 recordings we decode the non-standard ivtv
slice data to the teletext menu decoder and ask it to display page 888.

May I put in my plead that no one try to fix this before the release?

It is really easy to mess this up for someone else when you fix your
usage case, and unlikely that any breakage will be reported in the next
couple weeks. I would rather live with this known small defect than
risk breaking something important.

BTW What we call "captions" in the US is "text for the hearing
while what we call "subtitles" are "text for the 'foreign' language
We don't have any facility for selecting teletext _subtitles_ in mythtv,
other than typing in the teletext number of the subtitle stream in
and DVB recordings.

-- Daniel

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