[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2065: Backend segfault when recordingfrom two cards

Bill Cizek cizek at rcn.com
Mon Aug 21 14:09:19 UTC 2006

> maybe you can help other people too and say wich option it was...
This was caused by the option CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC.

I'm currently using kernel on a P4 3.2 GHz system with 
hyperthreading, but my problems with this go back a few kernel versions.

I'd get mythbackend crashes quite regularly when using both tuner 
cards.  Occasionally, it would crash if I was recording only one 
program, and once it crashed when it was just sitting idle (no 
recordings in process).
All of the backtraces showed one or two threads with a corrupt stack.  
Everything's run fine since I changed the above parameter last week.

Hope this helps,

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