[mythtv] firewire tester

Jim Westfall jwestfall at surrealistic.net
Sat Aug 19 08:55:06 UTC 2006

BP <lists at qucae.com> wrote [08.19.06]:
> Jim Westfall wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > Attached is a firewire tester I wrote up this evening.  I would like to 
> > get a few firewire folks to give it a try.  It still needs a bit of clean 
> > up, but should be mostly functional.
> > 
> It does properly detect my firewire is broken on a Motorola 6200.  The 
> fix mode does appear to work as well.  If I run fix, Myth actually works 
> with firewire again.  However, I find I only get about 20 seconds of 
> functioning before my firewire stops working again (channel changes 
> never stop working).  If I attempt to run fix when tuned to a 5c 
> channel, fix will fail.  I assume this is expected.

Can you supply output from running the -B option on the firewire tester as 
well as the output from the backend with -v record,channel from when it 
fails on a non-encrypted channel.

> It would be nice if you catch on to something to make firewire reliable 
> again.  I completely stopped using it over six months ago. Not sure if 
> it was a Comcast change or a libiec61883/libraw1394 change that broke 
> things.

It maybe your STB.  I recently had one have its firewire bits go bad after 
a recent heat wave.  I took the box to my local comcast office and got it 
replaced with no questions asked.  The new box has been working great.


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