[mythtv] MythVideo Metadata

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Mon Aug 14 21:20:42 UTC 2006

I have two frontends and one backend.  For MythVideo, all of my  
movies are stored on a central server and I use automounter to mount  
the volumes over NFS.  I use the same mount point on both frontends, / 
mnt/myth/videos for example so that both see them in the same place.   
The metadata is on the MySQL DB...  so as long as both are pointing  
to the same DB, you're fine.  I can have custom player commands for  
each, so this works out perfectly....  Hope that helps!

On Aug 14, 2006, at 11:47 AM, Velorider wrote:

> I just got around to setting up a second Myth as a frontend only.    
> I've
> noticed that the MythVideo metadata doesn't display unless its
> retrieved  from IMDB on the remote frontend.  What information I could
> discover from the  mail list archive is that MythVideo is a  
> frontend only
> plugin.
> For my use I  would like to import a video on any frontend and have it
> displayed on any  frontend.  I'm focused only the metadata.  I'm fine
> mounting the mythvideo  directory via NFS on all machines and  
> placing cover
> art in the same nfs  mount.  Just like the video files are placed  
> in a shared
> location I want the  metadata also placed in a single shared  
> location, i.e.
> the back-end server.
> Looking into how to achieve this, Myth provides a myth protocol for
> the  frontend to communicate with the backend.  My  thought is to  
> retrieve
> the  metadata over this protocol rather then from the local db.  It
> seems  rather simple, but I don't know that much about Myth and  
> might just
> not  understand it completely.   I realize a complete solution  
> would also
> stream  the video over the protocol, similar to MythTV. However,  
> for now it's
> baby  steps.  The first goal would be to stream the metadata.  Then  
> worry
> about  streaming the video file.
> So I'm asking for any feed back about the concept and any  
> additional thoughts.
> Thanks
>  John
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