[mythtv] New Maintainer for MythMusic...

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Mon Apr 24 07:13:21 UTC 2006

i only submittet so early because i wanted to see if there is any interest 
in this patches to mythmusic or not.

but at the moment there is no person who thinks that he's responsibly for 
mythmusic and noone said if my patches will be used if they work or not, so 
that's a little bitt frustrating.

then i asked chris if he will accept and he said only when the patches in 
music will be accepted, but who sould i ask??

i know that i submittet verry early, but also with this patches are patches 
are patched 3 applications, so when you have a little error, 3 new patches 
are the part...

i only think, it should be thought about a new maintainer, because 
submitting patches and getting no reaction is frustraiting...

and there are a few other track submits for mythmusic to wich none of the 
devs reacted...
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On Sunday 23 April 2006 6:59 pm, Steven Adeff wrote:
> Being a plugin I don't think Isaac much cares what happens to it as
> long as it works and it doesn't affect the rest of Myth from working
> properly. Not that I'm trying to speak for him, but its the impression
> I get.  That said, you two have done quite a bit of work on MythMusic,
> something that rarely gets worked on and desperately needs it.
> So I'm all for letting someone new take the reigns of mythmusic and
> approving patches, etc. I think MythMusic needs a lot of work...
> Isaac, thoughts?

I'm not going to even look at these pending patches to mythmusic until it's
further along.  There are (as of right now) 20 patches attached to ticket
#1699, over the course of a single week.  That tells me things are being
submitted _way_ too early for to be considered ready for inclusion.

Also, people generally get write access to SVN when I get enough patches 
them that I don't have to spend any time reviewing/fixing things.

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