[mythtv] syncronizing 2 master backends

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 23 14:53:11 UTC 2006

On Sunday 23 April 2006 15:42, Stephen Boddy wrote:
> Oddly I was looking at a set of these in a shop on Friday. Two plug
> adapters, so it's like a point to point. Like you, I'm rather suspicious of
> their abilities, and their susceptability to interference. If someone turns
> on a hoover in another flat, will the throughput go through the floor sort
> of thing.

Hmm. Just took a look on the shop's website:
"Data rates of up to 14 Mbps, and ranges of up to 200m over your existing 
household power supply "

I think dropping 986 Mbps might be noticable ;-)
Steve Boddy

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