[mythtv] Memory requirements of current f/e

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Wed Apr 12 22:49:42 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 23:34 +0100, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> It's funny that he commented that the --disable-dvb-eit option seemed to 
> reduce leakage... but now that option (just today) has disappeared ;)
> I hope the folks that can trace these leaks work their magic so I can 
> keep up with things. My setup makes it very hard to trace leaks and even 
> run GDB/Valgrind on them too. Hey ho... I'll just be patient :)

I'm not sure either of these are actually leaks. The EIT parsing
just took a lot of memory. But there is now rate limiting which
stops new EIT events from being added to our parsing list when
the number of EIT events cached for parsing exceeds 2000.

And the OSD cache probably just consumes a lot of memory because
is keeps decoded copies of your OSD at all resolutions you've
used so far. This also needs some cache size limits...

-- Daniel

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