[mythtv] [SVN7344] Live TV fails on second try

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Thu Sep 29 23:07:13 UTC 2005

> Can you regenerate this doing the minimal number of things that
> will trigger the problem?
> And, please mark the backend log with each action you've taken in
> the UI, at the appropriate time.
> These logs are filled with all kinds of unrelated things like
> generating previews, making timed recordings, etc.


I've captured a new set of logs. Both frontend and backend are commented
with the actions taken (although the frontend has the detailed comments -
I did that before re-reading your email.) It's not really the minimal set
of actions - I only had five minutes before leaving for work, so I just
made it break as quickly as I could.

You can find them here:-


Both logs are taken from a fresh restart. Actions are as follows:-

1) I go into Live TV, and it works fine (LAM.)
2) I exit Live TV and go back in - once again it works fine (LAM.)
3) I change channel (Menu -> Program Guide -> select) I get a blank screen
   for several seconds, then the video comes up with the "You should have
   gotten a lock" dialog superimposed. I press enter to clear this, and
   all is well.
4) I exit live TV and re-enter. Blank screen for ~20s, then dropped back
   to the menu.
5) Try Live TV again. Blank screen for ~20s, then dropped back
   to the menu. The logs indicate that the backend dies on this attempt.
6) Try Live TV again. Get message to the extent that the backend has gone

The above would suggest that it's not a case of "Live TV doesn't work on
second attempt" as a much as "backed dies on repeated attempts to watch a
channel that's having problems tuning"!

As always, thankyou (and all the devs) for all the work you are putting
into this.



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