[mythtv] Is mythtranscode removing mythcommflag's results?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Sep 29 21:32:23 UTC 2005

> On Thu 29 September 2005 20:46, Mickey Chandler wrote:
> > At 02:28 PM 9/29/2005, Robert Tsai wrote:
> >  >FWIW, you can configure the backend to run mythtranscode *first*
> >  >before running mythcommflag.
> >
> > Have I just missed the instructions on how to do that?
> It's under mythtv-setup, the last page? of the general section.

This setting is in the backend setup because it goes along with
the ~realtime flagging setting and isn't something people will
be changing that often as well as something that can cause
performance differences.  I added this option so that I could
have realtime flagging on my SD ivtv recordings but transcode
then commflag on my HD air2pc recordings.


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