[mythtv] Is mythtranscode removing mythcommflag's results?

Endaf Jones jonese at zener.com
Thu Sep 29 19:43:51 UTC 2005

Robert Tsai wrote:

>On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 11:31:59AM -0600, Endaf Jones wrote:
>>In my quest to find out why my commercial skip is not working I've
>>noticed something strange that I can't explain.
>>I just recorded a 30 minute program with commercials.  I sat and
>>queried the database in recordedmarkup every so often (looking for
>>the specific chanid).
>>1. I saw lots of type 6's (to be expected, that's the MPEG2 seek stuff). 
>>2. when mythcommflag finished, I also saw type 4/5 (commercial 
>>start/end). GOOD
>>3. commercial skip works.
>>4. mythtranscode started and finished.
>>4. I queried the database again and there were NO types found at all for 
>>the chanid!!!!  even the type 4/5 is gone!
>>I can understand mythtranscode deleting the type=6 (the video is no
>>long MPEG2, but rather MPEG4 now, so the seek table can be removed,
>>I think?).
>>Did mythtranscode just wipe out the commercial skip list for the
>>recording?  Is that my problem or is something else magical
>>happening that I don't know about.
>>I'm running a SVN of today.
>FWIW, you can configure the backend to run mythtranscode *first*
>before running mythcommflag. As a bonus, mythcommflag runs faster (if
>you resize to a smaller resolution, presumably because the frames to
>be analyzed are smaller post-mythtranscode). I haven't noticed any
>real difference in (mis)accuracy of commflagging when running before
>or after mythtranscode.


Yes, I do remember seeing that option.  My feeling was that the accuracy 
of mythcommflag would be better on a higher-quality stream than a 
re-compressed stream.  I have no evidence this is true however.

The other issue is that I believe I would have to wait for mythtranscode 
and mythcommflag to finish before I can watch a program commercial 
free.  That would be probably an hour after the show has finished before 
mythcommflag was finished.

I'm just waiting for my test commercial program to finished and report 
back if Chris's change works.

# Endaf

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