[mythtv] Is mythtranscode removing mythcommflag's results?

Endaf Jones jonese at zener.com
Thu Sep 29 17:31:59 UTC 2005

In my quest to find out why my commercial skip is not working I've 
noticed something strange that I can't explain.

I just recorded a 30 minute program with commercials.  I sat and queried 
the database in recordedmarkup every so often (looking for the specific 

1. I saw lots of type 6's (to be expected, that's the MPEG2 seek stuff). 
2. when mythcommflag finished, I also saw type 4/5 (commercial 
start/end). GOOD
3. commercial skip works.
4. mythtranscode started and finished.
4. I queried the database again and there were NO types found at all for 
the chanid!!!!  even the type 4/5 is gone!

I can understand mythtranscode deleting the type=6 (the video is no long 
MPEG2, but rather MPEG4 now, so the seek table can be removed, I think?).

Did mythtranscode just wipe out the commercial skip list for the 
recording?  Is that my problem or is something else magical happening 
that I don't know about.

I'm running a SVN of today.

# Endaf

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