[mythtv] Tuning to off air channel still hangs (SVN7347)

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Thu Sep 29 13:47:28 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-09-29 at 07:54 +0100, Neale Swinnerton wrote:

> However, if I change to an off-air channel, the 
> backend gets stuck with Restart Frames ad infinitum. The OSD says
> Signal 50% (LAm) Signal Lock.
> that lowercase m is correct, when it tunes correctly, I get LAM 
> (uppercase M) briefly - don't know if that's significant.
Yep, that is its cryptic way of telling you that the PMT was seen
but did not meet its expectations. i.e. in this case it is off-air.

 lower case = seen
 Upper Case = seen & good

 l/L = Lock
 a/A = PAT
 m/M = PMT
 g/G = MGT
 v/V = VCT
 n/N = NIT
 s/S = SDT

So when this happens the frontend UI is completely unresponsive?

It might help if you run the frontend in gdb and Ctrl-C when it goes
unresponsive and get me a "thread apply all bt" + the logs from of the
frontend and backends with "-v playback" and "-v record,channel", resp.

Also enable the DEBUG_ACTIONS define in tv_play.cpp....

-- Daniel

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