[mythtv] Generic Window Support (PiP)

Paul paul4352 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 29 13:32:55 UTC 2005


I'm interested in the Picture in Picture stuff in mythtv and have been 
digging through the code a little. It seems that the existing PiP stuff 
is closely coupled to the LiveTv video playing. However, I'd be 
interested in seeing more generic PiP support - in fact, closer to a 
media implementation of GNU screen.

  - Multiple windows can be supported at any time
  - Each window can be placed in one of the four corners or not on 
screen at all
  - Each window can support any content - music, playback, livetv, dvd, 
games, etc
  - Able to mix the audio sources for each window

I know these are big changes but I was interested in having an 
understanding of how big. As I said, it looks like the PiP 
implementation is tied to NuppelVideoPlayer right now.



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