[mythtv] Re: FYI Tuning patch

raptorjr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 25 00:08:23 UTC 2005

Well, kind of new att this so i don't really know how to reply to a thread. But i hope this 
gets to the right place.

I'm running rev 7307 and tried the v6 patch. Maybe that was wrong. But since i couldn't
watch live-tv or record i had nothing to lose.
With the v6 patch i get something when i select live-tv, but it is only static and mythtv fails
to switch to another channel if i try that. I'm using a pvr 250 card.

As i said, i'm new to this so i don't know what information to supply or how, to make it
possible for you to sort this issue out.

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