[mythtv] ivtv (pvr350) snow on upgrade to recent svn

Roger James roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Tue Sep 20 19:32:17 UTC 2005


Thanks for the detailed reply. The summary is I have fixed it now, and yes I
have screwed up my config over time. But I have some comments below.

> A video source is a set of channels from one provider. So, the
> first question is, do you receive the exact same set of channels
> for both the digital and analog inputs? If so, you only need one
> source. However, if there are channels available for one and not
> the other, then you would want to set up two video sources even
> if both were grabbed with XMLTV from the same website. One with
> the channels you receive on the analog inputs and a different
> source for the set of digital channels.

This is the bit that has confused me in the past. I have been reading your
previous posts, so before going on let met verify some terminology.

Station - programming source of a media stream, which may be simultaneously
made available (broadcast) via number of different channels. i.e. MTV or
BBC1, the content.

Channel - a broadcast instance of a stations media stream. i.e., a UHF
analog signal, a stream of a digital multiplex, etc, the transport

So my confusion is, does a video source define a set of channels or
stations. The way in mythtv that you associate a particular video source
with a particular input, would seem to suggest that it should define
channels, but the way in which you interface it to a listings provider
suggests that it should define stations.

In my case a small number of the stations available via digital terrestrial
channels are also available via analog terrestrial channels.

My fixed setup now has two video sources both using an an xmltv grabber. I
suspect this means I am now grabbing some listings twice. I now have some
"duplicate" entries in my channel sql table, but I have given these the same
channel number and callsign. This means that only one of them is shown in
the EPG.

This all seems a little convoluted, but beggars cannot be choosers. So keep
up the good work guys!!

> No. But first, there clearly is a problem somewhere if you have one
> source and there are duplicates of the same channels in the EPG.
> It is possible that you may have gone through the setup multiple
> times and inadvertently created duplicate channels that don't exactly
> match. Could you send the output for the following:

I cannot remember how I got there. It was something to do with automatically
populating channels using a DVB scan on top of the original analog channels.
I may have editing the UHF channel numbers back in if they had been removed
ooops :-)


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