[mythtv] ivtv (pvr350) snow on upgrade to recent svn

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Sep 20 17:58:22 UTC 2005

Roger James wrote:
>>Not sure i folow you, how can you have one channel (one row in channels
>>table) that is used on both digital and analog?
> I seemed to have ended up with that :-) I admit I have always been a little
> confused with the concept of a video source. The only thing it appeared to
> define was a source of program listing information. Since both my analog and
> digital cards used the same program listing source I only had one video
> source defined.

A video source is a set of channels from one provider. So, the
first question is, do you receive the exact same set of channels
for both the digital and analog inputs? If so, you only need one
source. However, if there are channels available for one and not
the other, then you would want to set up two video sources even
if both were grabbed with XMLTV from the same website. One with
the channels you receive on the analog inputs and a different
source for the set of digital channels.

> It looks like I have somehow ended up with a configuration that is not
> allowed. Do I really now have to have my EPG cluttered up with duplicate
> channels :-(

No. But first, there clearly is a problem somewhere if you have one
source and there are duplicates of the same channels in the EPG.
It is possible that you may have gone through the setup multiple
times and inadvertently created duplicate channels that don't exactly
match. Could you send the output for the following:

$ mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
mysql> select sourceid,name from videosource;
mysql> select cardinputid,cardid,sourceid,inputname from cardinput;
mysql> select chanid,channum,sourceid,callsign,xmltvid from channel;

--  bjm

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