[mythtv] DVB: Heads up! PS format deprecated - TS now used by default

Kenneth Aafløy lists at kenneth.aafloy.net
Mon Sep 19 00:41:45 UTC 2005

Søndag 18 september 2005 18:36, skrev John:
> >> Did I miss somthing or does this mean that MythTV is moving away from
> >> supporting Hardware decoding SAT cards like the skystar1 ? As far as I
> >> know they dont(or didnt) support TS recording only PS ?
> Looks like I was mistaken on this. The Skystar1 cards _can_ record in TS
> mode, in myth, they are simply incapable of recording the raw original TS.

Yes, a lot of cards have bandwith limitations that effectivly blocks this nice 
feature, this is not limited to hardware decoding cards though.

> There is one bug though, the  current (?) dvbrecorder.cpp does a check
> for hardware_decoding, and then ensures that only one Audio, and one
> Video PID is selected. But if you then choose TS,  dvbrecorder.cpp fails
> to check for multiple subtitles and multiple teletext / AC3. On my setup
> if i use TS, choosing BBC prime on hotbird  selects 1 audio, 1 video,
> and 6 subtitles, and myth segfaults.  As long as there is only one
> Teletext, or one subtitle pid present then all is well.

DMX_PES_* is used to select what is sent to the decoder of full featured 
cards. The hw_decoder option you are talking about here is enabled with the 
'Use hardware MPEG decoder' option in setup, but AFAIK this only enables you 
to view the currently recording stream via the decoder in the DVB card. It 
does not enable hardware accelleration for playback, as the stream will still 
be decoded by MythTV. Basically this option should be turned off unless you 
know what you want. I'm pretty sure that the segfault has some other origin 
than the hardware decoder option.


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