[mythtv] DVB: Heads up! PS format deprecated - TS now used by default

John reidjr at btclick.com
Sun Sep 18 16:36:53 UTC 2005

>> Did I miss somthing or does this mean that MythTV is moving away from supporting Hardware decoding SAT cards like the skystar1 ? As far as I know they dont(or didnt) support TS recording only PS ?

Looks like I was mistaken on this. The Skystar1 cards _can_ record in TS 
mode, in myth, they are simply incapable of recording the raw original TS.

There is one bug though, the  current (?) dvbrecorder.cpp does a check 
for hardware_decoding, and then ensures that only one Audio, and one 
Video PID is selected. But if you then choose TS,  dvbrecorder.cpp fails 
to check for multiple subtitles and multiple teletext / AC3. On my setup 
if i use TS, choosing BBC prime on hotbird  selects 1 audio, 1 video, 
and 6 subtitles, and myth segfaults.  As long as there is only one 
Teletext, or one subtitle pid present then all is well.

best regards,


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