[mythtv] ivtv (pvr350) snow on upgrade to recent svn

Roger James roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Mon Sep 19 00:18:31 UTC 2005


>I have recently updated my mythtv build from a CVS version of early June
this year to the latest svn version (7270).
>My PVR-350 is now not tuning properly, all the channels show snow. Looking
at the backend log and the kernel debug for the ivtv driver,
> everything appears to be happening as expected. The v4l ioctl is called
and the i2c command issued.

I have done some more debug on this and the problem is as follows.

Because some channels here in the UK are available both via terrestrial
analog and terrestrial digital TV my channel table in the SQL database has
some entries that have both the "freqid" field and the "mplexid" set. This
used to work, my analog PVR350 card would use the freqid field and my DVB-T
would use the mplexid field.

This is now broken. The DVB multiplex frequency returned from
ChannelUtil::GetTuningParams is used even though the channel is not
associated with a DVB card.

Fixing it is beyond me, I am afraid.


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