[mythtv] SVN 7245 thinks WB HDTV is encrypted?

Kenneth Aafl°y lists at kenneth.aafloy.net
Wed Sep 14 12:59:12 UTC 2005

Onsdag 14 september 2005 03:58, skrev Daniel Kristjansson:
> Program Map Table ver(16) pid(0x30) pnum(3)
>   Registration Descriptor: 'GA94' ATSC program ID A/53
>   Unknown Descriptor (0x10) length(6)
>   Component Name Descriptor  lang(Unknown) wdwb-hd
>   Consumer Restrictions Control Descriptor (0xaa) length(1)
>   Conditional Access: sid(0x0) pid(0x30) data_size(0)
> That last descriptor is your problem, the transmitter is adding
> a Conditional Access table to the PMT. There is no code in MythTV
> to handle encryption for ATSC.
> Does anyone know if a system id 0 is some kind of marker
> for unencrypted?
> I haven't purchased any CA standards as this isn't normally
> used in North America.

"CA_system_ID -- This is an 16 bit field indicating the type of CA system 
applicable for either the associated ECM and/or EMM streams. The coding of 
this is privately defined and is not specified by ITU -T | ISO/IEC."

Is either "PES packet payload" or transport_scrambling_control set to anything 
other than 0 in those streams?

It could be that they are getting ready for ppv.


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