[mythtv] Managing channel lists for multiple cards

Geoffrey Hausheer mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com
Tue Sep 13 14:39:29 UTC 2005

I have a setup with 2 PVR250s (well, one is a M179, but whatever), one of 
which tunes directly from Cable, and the other tunes through an STB.
The direct-tuning gets channels 1-100, whereas the STB can get channels 
1-999 (or there-abouts)

Today, I need 2 DD subscriptions, with overlapping channels, which also 
means that my low channels (1-100) show up twice in the EPG.

In addition, I can't use 'Record on ths channel' and have the scheduler be 

My question is, would anyone object to moving channels over to using 
dtv_multiplex (or something similar)? It looks like dtv_multiplex is 
designed to seperate the channel number from the card. In this way, I could 
have a single subscription (all my channels), and then set the secnd card to 
only pick up a subset of the channels.

Is there a better way to do this? The downside is that it could complicate 
channel setup (though the default would remain as they are today...when a 
card is assigned a provider, it gets all channels from that provider)

Just a thought. If this is a reasonable proposal, I'll try to work up a 

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