[mythtv] Compiling mythplugins - problem with mythmusic

Graeme Hilton graeme.hilton at fishter.org.uk
Mon Sep 12 12:34:30 UTC 2005

On Sun, 11 September, 2005 8:00 pm, Carl Reynolds wrote:
> Graeme Hilton wrote:
>>I'm compiling Myth from SVN as I run FC4 on x86_64 and for some reason,
>>the 0.18 version of mythplugins does not compile for x86_64.
>>the ./configure script tells me that it requires libmad,
>>libid3tag and libcdaudio.  A quick check with yum tells me that I have
>>all three of these packages and their -devel counterparts:
>>libcdaudio.x86_64       0.99.12-4.rhfc4.at     installed
>>libcdaudio-devel.x86_64 0.99.12-4.rhfc4.at     installed
>>libid3tag.x86_64        0.15.1-3.b             installed
>>libid3tag-devel.x86_64  0.15.1-3.b             installed
>>libmad.x86_64           0.15.0b-2_1.rhfc4.at   installed
>>libmad-devel.x86_64     0.15.0b-2_1.rhfc4.at   installed
>>This is a guess, but I assume that I require the mad.h, id3tag.h and
>>cdaudio.h files that these packages provide to be available in the
>>/usr/local/include directory.  Therefore I've created symlinks for these
>>files to the /usr/include directory.
>>Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem.
>>Can anyone help me solve this?
> I have built mythmusic and mythdvd on my x86_64 system. At first I ran
> into the dependency problems you seem to be having. Installing the
> -devel packages seemed to solve it for me.
> I do notice a difference in the version numbers of libid3tag and libmad.
> On my system, I have the following packages installed:
> libcdaudio.x86_64       0.99.12-4.rhfc4.at	same
> libcdaudio-devel.x86_64 0.99.12-4.rhfc4.at	same
> libid3tag.x86_64        0.15.1b-3.1.fc3.rf	differ
> libid3tag-devel.x86_64  0.15.1b-3.1.fc3.rf	differ
> libmad.x86_64           0.15.1b-3.1.fc3.rf	differ
> libmad-devel.x86_64     0.15.1b-3.1.fc3.rf	differ

You've got the fc3 versions of the mad and id3 packages, rather than fc4.

> You seem to have earlier versions of the packages that differ between
> our systems.
> I checked my /usr/local/include directory and there are no *.h files in
> it, so my build is getting the include files from /usr/include.
> It might help if you would post the error messages you're getting when
> you try to compile.

It's not so much an error message as a notice, telling me that mythmusic
won't be compiled because I don't have libmad or libid3tag installed. 
Also another similar notice for libcdaudio.

I've "solved" the problem by getting the source rpms for the three
packages and building them.  Perhaps it's something in the configure
script that doesn't correctly pick up that the libraries and .h files are


Graeme Hilton

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