[mythtv] Suggestion for improving SLOW channel changing inLiveTV.....

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Sun Sep 11 03:33:44 UTC 2005

On Saturday 10 September 2005 10:15 pm, Tim McClarren wrote:
> I just started looking at this.
> I instrumented tv_play.cpp and some of RingBuffer.cpp with logging,
> because I was curious why it was taking me just under 4s to change
> channels.
> With these changes my channel changing dropped to just under 1.5s... I'm
> guessing someone who starts at 2s would get some improvement, although
> maybe not quite as much as me.
> It's not as much code as it sounds like, and only changes RingBuffer.h/cpp.

Another thing to look at would be getting rid of the ReadAheadThread entirely.  
Send your diff in, and people will take a look at it, though.

> If someone wants to look at this, I'm happy to send the diff.  I know
> exceptionally little about Myth (although I've been using it for a year
> or more, I just started futzing around in the code because the UI has
> become increasingly arcane and confusing... it needs a serious overhaul
> to make it all very simple for your average non-video professional).

That's part of the point of the mythui rewrite, if that ever gets started. =)


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