[mythtv] Current DVB problems rundown

Adam Egger adam.egger at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 19:07:29 UTC 2005

> > Wow! Everything works now! I just had to change the starting channel
> > to something else. Then LiveTV was working again.
> That is weird, what do you know about this channel?

This channel is now working too. All of the channels are fine now. The
only log I have from when it wasn't working I posted to this thread
yesterday. It wasn't working when it was set to a channel on a VHF
transport with a bandwidth=7MHz (the other five transports are UHF
with 8MHz).
There also was a different channel with this channel number directly
after the full scan (which was done by me *very often* lately, almost
every day after all important patches commited by you). So probably
LiveTV was somehow stuck to the old channel. Just guessing...


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