[mythtv] Compiling mythplugins - problem with mythmusic

Graeme Hilton graeme.hilton at fishter.org.uk
Sat Sep 10 11:18:25 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm compiling Myth from SVN as I run FC4 on x86_64 and for some reason,
the 0.18 version of mythplugins does not compile for x86_64.  As this is
my first attempt at doing something like this I'd appreciate a little help.

Firstly, I've got the sources from svn for mythtv, mythplugins and
myththemes.  I've compiled the mythtv section and that sticks the right
binaries in the right places and seems to work (apart from some DVB
problems, but that's for another post).

Myththemes goes fine as well.  Now, mythplugins requires several other
libraries to be installed on the system.  I'd love to be able to use
mythmusic, but the ./configure script tells me that it requires libmad,
libid3tag and libcdaudio.  A quick check with yum tells me that I have
all three of these packages and their -devel counterparts:

libcdaudio.x86_64       0.99.12-4.rhfc4.at     installed
libcdaudio-devel.x86_64 0.99.12-4.rhfc4.at     installed
libid3tag.x86_64        0.15.1-3.b             installed
libid3tag-devel.x86_64  0.15.1-3.b             installed
libmad.x86_64           0.15.0b-2_1.rhfc4.at   installed
libmad-devel.x86_64     0.15.0b-2_1.rhfc4.at   installed

This is a guess, but I assume that I require the mad.h, id3tag.h and
cdaudio.h files that these packages provide to be available in the
/usr/local/include directory.  Therefore I've created symlinks for these
files to the /usr/include directory.

Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem.

Can anyone help me solve this?

Graeme Hilton

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