[mythtv] Current DVB problems rundown

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Sat Sep 10 06:04:11 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 04:37 +0200, Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:

> IMHO, first of all we should store the frequency of the last succesfull tuning 
> event, so that this could be used in any later tunings.
I don't like this, it violates the principle of least surprise.
Normal everyday actions such as changing channels and making
recordings should not mess with the transponder/multiplex table.

> We must however support checking that the transponder/multiplex is the one
> we want before storing the last good frequency!
This capability is already present in DVBSignalMonitor... You just
have to add the kDTVSigMon_WaitForMGT or kDTVSigMon_WaitForNIT flag,
for ATSC or DVB, resp.

> If something goes wrong with tuning the stored frequency, the original could 
> still be tried after some grace period.
I don't expect this to swing widely very often. Even those 
mountain-top transmitters are serviced fairly often and are
usually climate controlled, so the drift shouldn't be that bad.

Most of the time the frequency will be wrong simply because the user
used the wrong frequency table. Situations like John Poet's where
a new antenna/transmitter is being tested will be the exception not
the rule.

-- Daniel

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