[mythtv] Suggestion for improving SLOW channel changing in LiveTV.....

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Thu Sep 8 15:25:19 UTC 2005

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
>> Cory Papenfuss wrote:
>>>     Again, I think that for the most part this is largely 
>>> unnecessary. Lots of work for minimal gain.  Once one truly accepts 
>>> the PVR method of watching TV, "LiveTV" becomes unnecessary and 
>>> undesired.
>> That's a fallacy.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking that everyone 
>> uses a PVR the same way you do.  Live TV doesn't go away for a large 
>> number of users.
> But with Browse mode, LiveTV "channel surfing" is pretty much 
> unnecessary.  The original complaint was because it takes time to 
> switch channels.  You don't need to switch channels to know what is on 
> a given channel so when you do find one that is interesting, the 2 
> seconds it takes to change to that channel is far less of a problem 
> than eating that 2 seconds with every change without browse mode.

That's kind of the point we've tried to make to everyone who suggests 
this "no buffering live tv" mode. 

Live TV isn't the problem.  Hitting chan up/down repeatedly when there 
are 2 different ways to see what's on the channels and watch it is.

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