[mythtv] Suggestion for improving SLOW channel changing in LiveTV.....

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Thu Sep 8 13:56:30 UTC 2005

> The idea to use an EXEC_TV to launch live TV works fine, except that
> it lacks (I think) the feature to start recording whatever you're
> watching when you hit the record button.  Also, what happens when the
> backend wants to grab the tuner?

 If I was going to do something like this I would throw in a cheap bttv
card dedicated to nothing but livetv via something like xawtv, and just 
never tell the backend that that card is there so it will never try to 
record from it.

 Wont let you start recording what you are watching but I don't see that as
that big a deal.

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