[mythtv] FW: Media Highway EPG ?

Krunoslav Pisacic k.pisacic at vip.hr
Thu Sep 8 07:07:47 UTC 2005

Some time ago i have modified it to output data in XMLTV format. After that it is simple mythfilldatabase.

find patch in attachment. command line switch to turn on xmltv format is "-x"

Sadly, I am not watching this channels any more, so if you run in any problems you are on your own.
Original author is also unable to support it any more. He also told me that some MHW providers now include standard DVB format
schedule which should be supported by myth.



> I think MythTV is a great project.
> But for Dutch users there are some problems. For example the 
> EPG data is drawn from a HTML site and this works very flaky.
> A solution for this (at least for satellite dish owners) 
> could be the support of the Media Highway EPG broadcasted by 
> the satellite.
> Here is a link to somebody who has done this for VDR.
> http://jrepetto.free.fr/
> Have you guy's ever thought of supporting MHW epg?
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