[mythtv] PVR350 (card 0) PVR150 (card 1---- not working) HELP!

JOHN GRUBER john.gruber at usa.net
Wed Sep 7 15:05:35 UTC 2005

I cross posted on ivtv-dev list.  Sorry to putting everyone through the mud.

So are you suggesting that setting up mythtv with a PVR250-PVR350 setting for
my capture card will work?  I did that and the backend sees the output
devices, but I can not get the devices to work from cli, why would they work
with mythbackend? If it does not have a SAA7115 Phillips decoder on it, what
does it have? Is there a module setting for ivtv to get to use what the card

In the mythtv-setup, do I need to set it up as a different capture card type
(video for linux card or something).  How would I test that without messing up
a recording(a.k.a. How do I set it up to watch Live TV through Tunner1 which
is my PVR150 device and no Tunner0 which is my PVR350 card)?

Thanks for everyone's help.


>This is really not the right place for this discussion, but the  
>pvr-150 does not have a SAA7115.  That is why its status is bad, it  
>is also bad on my working pvr 500 which is essentially two pvr-150s.   
>Have you tried just setting it up in myth and using it?

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