[mythtv] Scheduler bug with FindOne weekly

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Thu Sep 1 18:41:10 UTC 2005

Quoting Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com>:

> Thomas Börkel wrote:
>> HI!
>> I haven't read about this on the list, maybe it's a known bug.
>> When I schedule a show with FindOne weekly, it records all of those 
>> shows, not only one per week.
> On the recording options page under "Scheduling Options", what
> did you choose for the duplicate matching method?
> --  bjm

I've brought up issues with Find One Weekly before.  If you choose a duplicate
match method then you can avoid the multiple recordings per week, but I think
the requirement to do this is incorrect.

When I think of "Find One Weekly", this is what I think it should be doing:

* Simply record one airing and only one airing of the program per week
regardless of the duplicate method selected (including if "none" is chosen for
the duplicate method).

When I select "Find One Weekly" with "none" for the duplicate match method I'm
expecting the following behaviour from the scheduler:

* Record exactly one airing of the program per week disregarding what I've
recorded previously or what's stored on disk.  In other words, record my
program today and don't record again until at least seven days from now.  If
the same episode happens to be aired again next week then record it again, but
only once for that seven day period.

If I choose a duplicate match method then I'd expect it to be applied 
on a week
by week basis.  So if for some reason there are multiple episodes shown during
a seven day period then only record one and don't record anything else for the
week.  Then seven days later record again, but take into account previous
recordings.  If there are multiple episodes over the same 7 days then one
shouldn't be using Find One Weekly to record.

However, the way it's actually working is that if you don't choose a duplicate
method then it records every airing during the week.  Though it may be working
as designed, I'm suggesting that the feature doesn't work as I (and I suspect
many other people) might expect it to work.

  - Derek

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