[mythtv] New mythgallery gl transition patch (Going OT PHP Gallery...)

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Oct 20 16:48:13 UTC 2005

Mark Dobossy wrote:
> It is actually a bit different from Ken Burns.  Ken Burns Effect is  
> typically used to pan/zoom an image to make it look dynamic, as you  are 
> viewing the image (zoom in/out of a point of interest).  This is  simply 
> a zoom/fade (the original blows up, and fades away, revealing  the new 
> image behind it).

Ahh right, I see the difference. It's still nice :)

> But funny you bring up Ken Burns Effect.  I put together a little  
> sample OGL program this morning, that does just this, and am planning  
> on trying to implement it in mythgallery.  It would work as follows-  
> you use the myth gallery zoom/pan options, to select a starting and  
> ending point for each picture.  Then, as the slide show progresses,  it 
> will pan/zoom the image over the time each image is on the  screen.  Any 
> images that you haven't set a start and end to, would  have a randomized 
> pan/zoom.

OK, I'm going to zoom (or pan) off-topic here.

I figured I'd ask you seeing as you'll be up-to-date with mythgallery 
and as I said before I'm kinda out of the loop at the moment.

Imaging is one of my bugbears at the mo' as I seem to have 3 different 
programs to access them.

One is DigiKam which allows me to manage stuff in a very nice way and 
I'm very happy with that program.

The second is Menalto Gallery (PHP Gallery v2.0 - see my sig below!). I 
can theoretically integrate DigiKam with that, but it only works on 
Gallery v1.0 so will have to wait for full integration.

The third is MythGallery which doesn't integrate into either DigiKam or 
PHP Gallery.

Here is the point in question, does MythGallery now integrate with PHP 
Gallery?? If not has anyone thought about it before?? It would be fairly 
easy to do as you can grab an RSS feed for the whole gallery and parse 
it for display, grabbing the images via HTTP for display. Yes I 
appreciate there will be delays etc, but it would be kinda nice to do, 
especially for friends' galleries etc. I happen to host my gallery from 
my house anyway, so the delays will be effectivly non-existant for that 
gallery, but I'm sure some clever adjustment of pan-speed/length of time 
it stays on any given image, and next image read-ahead would get rid of 
the noticable delays in most systems.

I'd be happy to work on this (tho' probably not for some time) if anyone 
thinks it's a good idea...



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